General Duties of Employer

Under these regulations, the employer has a duty to train “an employee who works with a controlled product or in proximity to a controlled product.”

The following points are suggested as guidelines when interpreting the scope of the training requirements:

The employer must ensure that a worker who is potentially exposed to a controlled product knows about, or knows how to find out about, all health and safety information provided by the supplier of that product.

If the controlled product is produced in the workplace rather than purchased from an outside supplier, then the employer must ensure that a potentially exposed worker knows about, or knows how to find out about, all hazard information on that product.

The employer should provide specific training to give workers the necessary information.

Evaluation of Worker Education

The employer must ensure that the worker has understood the training material and is able to put into practice, on the job, what they have learned. It is left to the individual employer to devise the means to ascertain that a worker has been properly trained. For example, the employer may ask the worker to take some form of written or oral test, or to participate in a practical demonstration.