The employer is responsible for worker education and training within WHMIS. Education is based on generic information such as recognizing a complete WHMIS label or understanding an MSDS and is valuable to the worker in any job situation. Training is job-specific. Each worker must receive sufficient training to ensure that correct protective measures are taken when using a controlled product.

Students are included in the definition of a worker in Manitoba's Workplace Safety and Health Act in Section 1 Definitions:

"worker" includes . . .

(c) any person undergoing training or serving an apprenticeship at an educational institution or at any other place . . . .

Therefore, any safety or health regulation using the term "worker" includes "student."

Training should involve worker understanding of:

Employers must also train workers to protect themselves if they are exposed to emissions from a process at the workplace and train them how to handle hazardous waste produced within the workplace. Training should also cover precautions to be taken in case of an emergency such as a spill or fire.