What does WHMIS worker education include?
WHMIS worker education includes generic and work-site-specific programs.

Generic worker education programs
Generic worker education includes:

Generic WHMIS worker education is extremely important. Labels, and to an even greater extent, MSDSs, are the major source of hazard information for most workers. For this reason, it is very important for workers to know what information to expect on labels and MSDSs, and to understand what that information really means.

Work-site-specific education programs
WHMIS work-site-specific worker education programs must include four areas of instruction:

  1. hazard information
  2. the different modes of product identification used at the workplace
  3. procedures for the safe use, storage and handling of controlled products
  4. procedures for dealing with fugitive emissions and emergencies at the workplace.

Work-site-specific WHMIS education teaches workers about the hazard information applicable to the controlled products they work with or near, and about work procedures applicable to those products.