Provide up-to-date MSDSs (not more than 3 years old) for all controlled products they sell or produce.

Provide supplier labels on all containers of controlled products they sell or produce.


Ensure that workers understand information on MSDSs, supplier labels, and workplace labels by providing effective worker education.

Provide training in specific safe work procedures to workers who work with or near controlled products.

Ensure that all containers of controlled products in their workplace have MSDSs and WHMIS labels (supplier labels, workplace labels, or other acceptable means of identification as appropriate).

Ensure that MSDSs are readily accessible to workers.


Know and understand the information on labels and MSDSs.

Use the information they receive through education and training to handle controlled products safely.

Inform employers if labels are illegible or missing.

WCB Prevention Staff in B.C.

Administer WHMIS legislation.

Provide general information about WHMIS to employers and workers.

Ensure compliance with both federal and provincial WHMIS legislation.