Employers must establish training programs and site specific training for workers who are likely to be exposed to hazardous products in the workplace. Employers are responsible for ensuring that products are labeled and that a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is present for each product. They must also ensure MSDS documents are readily available to workers.

Employers must: 

Supervisors Must

Directors and Officers Must: 

Workers have the right to:

Workers are required to participate in WHMIS training programs plus site specific training. The purpose of the training is to help employees work safely with hazardous materials. They may also inform employers when labels on containers have been accidentally removed or if the label is no longer readable.

Employees Must:

Suppliers, employers and workers all have responsibilities in the Hazardous Products Act. Canadian suppliers are those who sell or import products. When this product is considered a “controlled product” according to the WHMIS legislation, a supplier must label the product or container, and it must provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS) to their customers. The purpose of the labels is to clearly identify the contents of the hazardous material, and the MSDS is to explain what those hazards are.